Dell Technologies Telecom Certified: A Year of Partner Success

In the rapidly evolving landscape of mobile communications, the demand for more agile, efficient and open networks has become paramount. Embracing open standards and collaboration among industry players is key to achieving this goal. Traditionally, proprietary hardware and software solutions have characterized telecom networks, leading to vendor lock-in, high costs and limited scope for innovation. The industry's shift toward open-source technologies and cloud-native networking has paved the way for more agile and cost-effective telecom infrastructure.

This approach has been instrumental in providing Communication Service Providers (CSPs) with assurances the quality and capabilities of their software are deployment-ready for today’s telecom networks.

The Dell Technologies Telecom Self-Certification Program, launched at MWC Las Vegas 2022, is a bold initiative designed to set the Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), start-ups and other telecom software companies apart from competitors and give potential customers confidence in the software's quality and reliability. By enabling vendors to self-certify their solutions, Dell Technologies has streamlined the process of bringing new innovations to market and fostering an environment of trust among ecosystem participants.

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