Let’s face it, the debate is over when it comes to whether telcos should create innovative and localized services in the core or at the edge. If past performance is an indicator of future success, it’s clear telcos need a radical transformation of their self-defined legacy network hierarchies. This allows them to get away from rigid network boundaries and focus on net-new opportunities to drive growth and revenues. To create these new opportunities, they must go closer to the edge -- where the users are -- and have a flexible and nimble architectural approach. While this is a new model from a telco perspective,  it is business as usual for cloud providers, their real competition.

Looking at the 5G vision from the perspective of International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT-2020) requirements, there are three key network focus areas:

  • Throughput - to accommodate eMBB (enhanced Mobile Broadband) use cases
  • Latency - to accommodate uRLLC (ultra-reliable low-latency communication) use cases
  • Massive Connections - to accommodate mMTC (massive machine type communications) carrier IoT

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