How SK Telecom is Monetizing the 5G Opportunity

The telecommunications industry has been talking about 5G for so long that it’s easy to forget 5G deployments are still in their infancy. The architectures have been painstakingly mapped out, the use cases thoroughly discussed, and the projections for revenue impact clearly outlined. The only question that remains unanswered for wireless operators is perhaps the most crucial question of all: Where are the best 5G revenue opportunities for our business right now?

It’s a question that wireless operators would have posed to industry analysts or market research firms in the past. Increasingly, however, they’re asking their 5G vendors to not only help them integrate their 5G technology but also help them innovate with it by identifying profitable 5G use cases, co-designing solutions, and co-developing a go-to-market strategy. It’s a question that, frankly, many 5G equipment vendors would just as soon avoid. That’s because most of those vendors are one step removed from enterprise customers and have little experience developing, deploying, and marketing enterprise solutions. And that’s part of what sets Dell Technologies apart from most 5G vendors because we build business solutions every day.

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