Protecting the Telecom Network

Telecommunication networks are becoming more and more essential every day and, in the process, gaining new opportunities. These opportunities will drive new business growth and create exciting areas for revenue generation. However, as with all opportunities, challenges exist. And for communication service providers (CSPs), these challenges include cyber threats, increasing network decentralization, timing requirements, and more.

To help our customers meet these challenges, Dell EMC Ready Solution for VMware NFV brings together industry-leading technologies optimized for telecommunication networks, yet customizable for any unique need. This solution continues to offer new value with the latest release including newly integrated Data Protection capabilities for streamlined and trusted performance.

Fortifying your Data Protection Strategy with Dell EMC Data Protection Solutions

Cyberattacks, can have far-reaching effects resulting in downtime and data loss. Since CSPs are at the center of the modern transformation controlling and operating critical infrastructure, it is even more important to have a robust data protection strategy built around the principles of high availability to ensure service continuity. These trends and the continued evolution of cloud environments are causing CSPs to fortify their data protection strategy.

Dell EMC’s data protection suite offers network administrators a simplified approach to control backup, recovery, and replication management with over 2.7 EB (exabytes) of data in the cloud. It is optimized for virtual environments, with a unique, client-side, global deduplication technology that eliminates redundant backup data before it is sent over the network and stored.

Designed for the unique requirements of CSPs, this data protection suite seamlessly integrates with VMware Cloud Director (vCD) through Dell EMC Data Protection Extension (DPE) for vCD. Dell EMC DPE for vCD provides unified end-user NFV infrastructure management. This facilitates tenant self-service access through vCD’s tenant user interface (UI), allowing for tenant-level policy configuration and setup of tenant repositories. Additionally, for those with VMware Integrated Openstack (VIO), we have also validated and documented the integration of VIO with Dell’s Data Protection Suite.

Dell EMC’s data protection suite includes both Avamar (source-based deduplication software) and Data Domain (target deduplication software) integrated through DD Boost (solution for optimized software interaction). These leading components provide fast, reliable, and flexible data protection that scales to the needs of the largest CSPs while allowing for expansion to the public cloud. Additionally, Dell EMC data protection suite provides encryption and file locking for data security, protecting critical infrastructure from cyber threats.

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