Masergy has updated its Intelligent Service Control (ISC) web portal to give its customers a unified view of their SD-WAN applications.

Comparing SD-WAN market share numbers is like comparing apples to pears to oranges, according to AvidThink's Roy Chua.

While AT&T is on target for meeting its goal of having 75% of its network functions virtualized by next year, the next frontier is the cloud.

In order to make it easier for dispatchers to coordinate jobs with technicians, Verizon Connect announced its Field Service Dispatch solution.

A misconfiguration in Amazon's cloud metadata service led to the theft of million Capital One Financial records, according to a story by The WSJ.

While 400G shipments are projected to surpass 15M million switch ports by 2023, 100G shipments will peak next year, according to a report.

The partnership builds on previous collaboration between the two companies.

Currently, businesses have to constantly prove and re-prove their identities, despite the fact that 80% of their information is common across buyers.