When the digital twin is turned up, it invariably finds issues lurking just below the surface, such as misconfigured VLANs.

The two companies say they will spend about $2.27 billion over a 10-year period on the fiber project.

Cisco’s Ethernet VPN solution is particularly important for Colt’s 5G backhaul because it can replace the need to deploy fiber in some cases.

The multiaccess edge computing (MEC) platform optimizes the way that enterprises offer differentiated services in unique edge environments.

Last year was a good one for the server sector, according to IHS Markit. The firm found that server revenue grew 15% year over year, and it generated $81…

Huawei Cloud's footprint has been expanded, and the company claims it is the first provider to offer three availability zones in Hong Kong.

AT&T has opened an application programming interface (API) marketplace to help businesses quickly build apps for their communications services.

As part of the upgrades, the level of performance customers set for their applications is guaranteed.