8x8 serves up big data analytics services for businesses

8x8 is now offering its large business customers a new set of big data analytics and reporting tools to provide insight on how they use their communications services and usage trends specific to their organization.

Customers that sign up for 8x8's Virtual Analytics suite of services will get access to a detailed and customizable view of real-time and historical information associated with the services, extensions and devices in an organization's Virtual Office telephony deployment, including data associated with internal and external call activity, call queue and ring group status, call quality and individual end-point device status.

Virtual Office Analytics is available in three configurations: "Analytics Essentials," a set of unique dashboards and reporting options for all extensions in an organization's 8x8 cloud PBX; "Analytics Supervisor," a workgroup dashboard and reporting tool that provides a real-time view of all call activity in any designated call queue or ring group within the 8x8 cloud PBX; and "Analytics Service Quality," a quality management dashboard that provides real-time information about the status of all endpoint devices in addition to individual call and consolidated MOS score detail for trouble analysis and resolution.

Because they're hosted in the cloud, 8x8's services allow the analytics suite to collect data from various distributed locations and centralize data reporting and analysis at one point.

8x8 claims that Virtual Office Analytics has an advantage over other cloud-based reporting tools. Instead of providing only historical reports, its service can provide layered details and intelligence so businesses can drive improvements in various areas such as workgroup collaboration performance, sales campaign effectiveness, customer experience management and staffing requirements. Virtual Office Analytics can also manage and monitor call quality and distributed work groups on a global basis. The service provider's Global Reach technology enables worldwide call routing tracking and media optimization.

Any call that comes into a distributed enterprise is also tracked by individual connections throughout the business. A call to an auto-attendant that is distributed to a 50-person ring group where each extension has multiple endpoints is tracked to its ultimate destination, as well as all intermediary routings along the way, for example.

Already, the service has been adopted by TMW Systems, a provider of enterprise transportation management software that has deployed 8x8's telephony, unified communications and contact center solutions to over 1,000 users across seven of its locations.

"We intend to use these tools not just to give us performance analysis of the 8x8 communications solution, but to also provide TMW's management insight into our business operations," said Ron Godine, IT director at TMW Systems, in a release. "This capability really advances the 8x8 solution to more of a business transformation tool as opposed to a simple replacement phone system."

This new service capability is just one of several moves 8x8 has made to enhance its bond with its growing global customer base. It will complement its recent moves to expand its services in Asia-Pacific, the UK and Europe.

While much of its customer base consists of smaller business, this new capability could help it appeal to the more complex needs of the large enterprise customers 8x8 is looking to win. 

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