A brewing customer service war

In Delaware (and likely other parts of the country), Comcast and Verizon duke it out over who provides better customer service, with the cable company working on improving its story and image, while Verizon offers FiOS to take away TV customers.

Both customers have opened up new area customer service centers -- Comcast in Christiana, Del., and Verizon in Philly - and both are adding on more employees. Comcast has hired 15,000 customer service employees and techs in the last 18 months; Verizon isn't saying how many bodies it has added nationwide.

Ranked last in customer satisfaction in recent surveys, Comcast has added an expanded training program and new technology for customer service agents and field technicians. The company is evaluating "every element within our service network" from top to bottom to identify issues and resolve them.

By keeping support operations local, Comcast expects customers to be able to relate to the support people on the phones.

Verizon, on the other hand, may direct FiOS customers to any one of 13 offices around the country for technical support. Still, customers who have switched from one service to another complain about long wait times on customer service lines.

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