A FierceVoIP Triple Play – Top companies, failed efforts, and M&A

We've been especially busy in the month of November and we've put out three special reports focusing on VoIP businesses. Not the business of VoIP proper, mind you, but on companies that make a living working with VoIP and UC.

Our first report, the 2008 VoIP Fierce 15, highlighted the top privately-held companies in the IP communications space today. We expect to hear a lot more from the companies described in the Fierce 15 in 2009. We realize some companies are past VoIP Fierce 15 winners, but those same companies continue to grow and thrive moving forward. We invite you to check them out here, if you haven't already.

On the other end of the scale, we looked at The Fallen - Crashed and struggling VoIP companies. Some of these failures have been healthy, clearing a playing field packed with too many me-too players. Others had run their course, and a few remain question marks. Will Vonage survive in the long-term? Will the rumors about Grand Central emerging out of the stifling shadow of the Google come true?

Finally, we presented our "Green Wednesday" VoIP-centric mergers and acquisitions analysis for 2008, which examines the players, properties, and trends we expect to see in 2009. The last minute, under-the-radar acquisition of Vapps by Citrix Systems was an eye-opener. Given we have about five to six weeks left of 2008 deal-making, the is the potential for a few more surprises before New Year's day 2009.

Our November FierceVoIP "Triple Play" features :
- FierceVoIP's Fierce 15 - 2008
- The Fallen - Crashed and struggling VoIP companies
- Green Wednesday - VoIP mergers and acquisitions of 2008