AWS selling its own white box switches? Amazon says it's not happening

AWS isn't going to sell white box switches to its customers, which is good news for Cisco. (Pixabay)

Stick a fork in the rumor that Amazon Web Services (AWS) was planning to sell its own white box switches to its customers.

MarketWatch reported that Amazon's top cloud computing executive denied that it was working on selling its own brand of white box switches to businesses. Citing an unnamed source, The Information had reported on Friday that Amazon Web Services was currently testing white box switches and planned to offer them to customers sometime over the next 18 months.

“Cisco and AWS have a longstanding customer and partner relationship, and during a recent call between Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins and AWS CEO Andy Jassy, Andy confirmed that AWS is not actively building a commercial network switch,” according to a statement by Cisco.

According to The Information story, AWS planned sell its own white box switches with built-in connections to is cloud computing to its business customers at price points that would be 70% to 80% lower than comparable switches from Cisco.

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The Information's story was particularly damaging to Cisco's stock. After the article was published, Cisco's shares dropped 5% on Friday, while shares of switch vendors Juniper Networks and Arista Networks both dropped 4%.

After MarketWatch published its story, Cisco's shares rose 3% in after hours trading Wednesday while Arista saw a 1.4% uptick in its stock. Juniper's shares increased by about 1.8% after hours. As of 10:00 a.m. ET today, Cisco's shares were marginally up while Arista's had increased by almost 5%, and Juniper's stock was slightly down.