Adva shows off SDN-controlled 600G transport at OFC

Adva is demonstrating its SDN-controlled 600 Gbps transport terminal at this week's OFC event in San Diego. (Pixabay)

Today at the at the Optical Fiber Conference and Exhibition (OFC) in San Diego, Adva announced a demonstration of its SDN-controlled 600 Gbps transport terminal with automated line rate and modulation adjustment.

Adva said the OFC demonstration was the first of its kind globally. Featuring the Adva FSP 3000 TeraFlex terminal, the OFC showcase showed the ways in which SDN-based automation can now be used in data center interconnect (DCI) networks.

In the demo, Adva said that TeraFlex monitors the condition of the fiber link and then automatically adapts speed and modulation for maximum efficiency. By adjusting transmission rates and modulation format, the technology ensures high availability, signal quality and cost-efficiency, the company said in a release. It's suited to DCI network operators looking to maximize service up-time, avoid bottlenecks and address the increasing data demand.

The Adva FSP 3000 TeraFlex terminal provides native support for YANG device modeling and the NETCONF protocol to enable full SDN control. Adva said that TeraFlex was engineered for a disaggregated environment in open networks.

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“This demo redefines what’s possible for open and disaggregated hyperscale DCI transport. It takes SDN-based control to the next level and highlights the enormous potential of flexible network configuration to optimize reach and spectrum utilization,” said Adva's Niall Robinson, VP of global business development, in a prepared statement. “The key to this demo is the phenomenal flexibility and versatility of our FSP 3000 TeraFlex terminal. Its completely open design with programmable management interfaces and open APIs makes it ideal for disaggregated architectures. "

"By utilizing NETCONF/YANG, TeraFlex can fully be integrated into an SDN environment. It also supports a multitude of constellations and baud rates on the line interface. What's more, with its advanced telemetry, TeraFlex updates operators with performance data for total visibility and big data-enabled control,” Robinson added.