AMI: $52 billion HBB market awaits

AMI Partners has released a study saying the home-based business market will be worth about $52 billion in telecom and IT spending. Despite the abundance of opportunity, AMI says the HBB market is often overlooked by the providers of telecom and IT gear and services and that with a recession looming, they should redirect their attentions thusly. As an operator of an HBB, I can tell you I've never once been approached by AT&T or Hewlett-Packard or Cisco Systems wanting desperately to win my business, but I've only been at it a few months.

The AMI report also gives the telecom and IT industries a new acronym to worry about: HBB. Whatever happened to SOHOs? No matter how you slice up this market and what you call it, a lot of HBBs are so under the radar that it may remain an elusive opportunity.

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