AT&T, CWA carve out tentative agreements for DirecTV call center workers


AT&T and the Communications Workers of America (CWA) union have reached three tentative agreements covering DirecTV workers in five call centers.

Covering about 2,000 employees, the new agreements support workers in five locations: Eden Prairie, Minnesota; Englewood, Colorado; Huntington, West Virginia; Huntsville, Alabama; and Tulsa, Oklahoma.

These workers will be placed in three existing CWA labor contracts.

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By reaching this tentative agreement, AT&T has now reached nine agreements with the CWA and IBEW this year collectively covering nearly 8,000 former DIRECTV employees.

To date, six regions have already ratified their labor agreements.

This is just one of several labor agreements CWA and AT&T have completed in recent months.

In November, CWA and AT&T reached a labor agreement covering about 200 employees in the Midwest region and about 900 employees in the Southwest region. Earlier, AT&T and CWA negotiated tentative agreements covering former DirecTV field services employees in these regions.

AT&T has been also making progress with DirecTV call center workers represented by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) labor union. The IBEW and AT&T worked out two agreements covering DirecTV employees in 14 states in August.

That agreement covers over 1,600 employees in the company's field services group, located in 14 states. The other contract covers about 1,300 employees working in call centers in Boise, Idaho and Missoula, Montana.

Garnering these agreements comes at a time when AT&T is migrating more of its U-verse IPTV base to DirecTV.

During the third quarter, AT&T reported that it added 323,000 new DirecTV customers, while losing 3,000 total video customers. The telco said the video losses were due to the company’s focus on attracting profitable customers and transitioning more customers to the DirecTV platform.