AT&T enhances its quad play plans

Although cable is making progress with their own quad-play bundled offerings where they have wireless service available, AT&T (NYSE: T) may have a near-term lead with its latest quad play bundled offering.

Looking to capitalize on the bundled momentum it began with the launch of its "Choice" bundle in March, AT&T is now offering a new version of its "Choice" bundled offering that lets consumers bundle four services (U-Verse TV, broadband Internet, voice and wireless). Qualifying customers get to pick the three services they want in their bundle with the option to make wireline phone or wireless their voice option.

AT&T claims that customers that opt for a U-Verse Choice triple play bundle could save $30-$45 a month, while those customers that go for the full quad play option could save up to $60 per month.

The service provider's multi-play efforts haven't been all for naught. As of the end of Q1 2010, AT&T said that more than three-fourths of its U-Verse customer base took a triple- or quad-play option from AT&T. Take that, cable.

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