AT&T lowers DSL prices to battle subscriber loss

AT&T (NYSE: T) has realized that even for all the progress it has made with U-Verse, it still saw 340,000 DSL subscribers flee during the second quarter.

Although part of the traditional DSL subscriber loss AT&T saw in Q2 can be attributed to U-Verse migrations, a number of users came from non-U-Verse markets that fled AT&T for cable's faster speeds a la DOCSIS or a more affordable triple play service bundle.

AT&T has reduced the price of its four DSL tiers non-U-Verse areas: Basic (768/384 Kbps), Express (1.5 Mbps/384 kbps), and Pro (3 Mbps/512 kbps) for $14.95 a month, while Elite (6 Mbps / 512 kbps) tier is now $19.95. Previously, each of these tiers cost $19.95, $30, $35 and $40, respectively. Of course, the catch is that a consumer will have to haggle with AT&T to get a better deal once the 12-month introductory period is over.  

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