AT&T U-verse app extends voice mail view to the smartphone

AT&T (NYSE: T) is giving its U-verse voice customers yet another screen to view their voice mails: their smartphone. With the launch of its Voicemail Viewer app, U-verse voice customers will be able to check and manage their home phone messages with visual voicemail on their smartphone device.

Users will not only be able to see a list of their home voicemail messages and listen to them in any order, but also get notified when a new voicemail comes on their landline home phone.

Available for free on select smartphones, the service allows voice mails to be remotely deleted, while contacts can be added to the smartphone address book or calls returned.

As an obvious nod to the wireless/wireline integration trend, U-verse voice customers can also set up a single, combined mailbox to get access to their home phone and wireless messages. In addition, U-verse customers can view call logs on their PC or TV screen, conduct a call from their PC or TV, view voicemail on their TV screen and Caller ID on TV.

AT&T Voicemail Viewer

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