Bell Canada sends Frank & Gordon packing as new ad strategy launches

Bell Canada has been taking it on the chin lately ... a tougher-than-expected LBO that ended up in Canada's Supreme Court, revelations and the ensuing dust up over aggressive traffic shaping, the sacking of 2,500 managers after new CEO George Cope came onboard and a decidedly lackluster second quarter that saw profits plunge 56 percent.

Can you blame the company for changing its logo from the chunky leftovers of a fading legacy--bold, italic, ugly--to a new, hip streamlined look? The telco also renamed some of its businesses: Bell ExpressVu is now Bell TV, Bell Sympatico (OK, that one was really ugly) is now Bell Internet, and Bell Residential is now Bell Home Phone.

Bell also announced some new services, plans, equipment blah, blah, blah.

The biggest change, sadly, is the demise of Bell's erstwhile spokesbeavers, Frank and Gordon who've been with the company since 2005 and are, with the change in management up North, headed back to the forest. Adeiu. Check them out in one of their early videos (Oh, yeah, check out Bell's updated logo, too.

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