BSS vendor Kansys strikes a deal to buy Ericsson's enterprise and cloud billing business

Kansys buys Ericsson's enterprise and cloud billing system, but the terms aren't available. (Pixabay)

Kansys announced on Tuesday that it's buying Ericsson's enterprise and cloud billing (ECB) business for an undisclosed sum.

The billing system was developed to monetize any product or service, including IoT services. Kansys, which got its start in 1997 as a business support system (BSS) and operational support system (OSS) integrator, has a long history of working with ECB software that dates back to 2004. It has worked with Ericsson on many of the ECB customer engagements spanning the entire software deployment and development lifecycle.

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"Kansys has consistently provided exceptional professional services, development and ongoing support to Ericsson's ECB customers," said Ericsson's Dave Arbach,  vice president of IOT monetization, in a statement. "The ECB divestment does not impact Ericsson's existing Digital BSS portfolio to provide leading 5G and IoT monetization capabilities that align with our strategic targets."

With its ability to monetize any product or service, ECB customers can be found across numerous industries.

"ECB continues to provide unique architectural advantages that translate into the most flexible and nimble enterprise billing software in the world," said Kansys CTO Arthur Koenig. "This is especially true for those customers with complex monetization requirements."

Kansys' ECB software was designed to provide monetization capabilities while blending into a customer's existing software and infrastructure. It's particularly useful for complex, multi-party business-to-business billing requirements. Kansys said its customers don't need to re-engineer their data sources or formats when using ECB.

Olathe, Kansas-based Kansys lists Ericsson as one of its partners on the company's website. Other partners include Openet and Procera.