BT beefs up cyber capabilities across Europe

BT opens the doors on a new cybersecurity operations center in Paris. (Pixabay)

BT bolstered its cybersecurity operations in Europe with a new security operations center (SOC) in Paris and upgrades to its facilities in Madrid and Frankfurt.

The Paris Cyber SOC will provide advanced incident detection, threat intelligence, orchestration and automation services. It has also been specifically designed to meet both PDIS and European NIS Directive requirements, which would allow BT to qualify as a "Security Incident Detection Service" provider.

With increased use of business applications in the cloud, as well as more IoT deployments, security is becoming even more of a priority moving forward.

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As part of the expansion, BT’s Cyber SOC in Madrid will be moved to new, purpose-built facilities, with around 50 cyber experts due to be based at the center. The enhanced Cyber SOC will offer Cloud SIEM (Security Incident & Event Management), allowing its cyber experts to detect and remediate cyberattacks of all types, and to generate on-demand compliance reports with real-time status of organizational risk postures.

Next month, BT’s Frankfurt SOC will also offer Cloud SIEM services directly to customers, which will further enhance BT’s portfolio of services across Europe and worldwide. BT’s Frankfurt SOC, which opened in 2017, provides a range of security services to regional and international customers while ensuring that all of the data is handled and stored in compliance with German regulations.

With the new SOC and the upgrades, BT now has 3,000 security specialists across its SOCs that protect BT customers against 125,000 cyberattacks a month. BT offers its cybersecurity services to consumers, governments, businesses and well-known brands.

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BT customers also benefit from real-time intelligence sharing across its global network of SOCs, coupled with in-country capabilities, such as support in local languages and compliance with data protection regulations, including GDPR in Europe.

“The ongoing expansion of our security capabilities in Europe shows BT’s commitment to providing industry-leading services to customers in the region," said Kevin Brown, managing director of BT Security, in a statement. "We are increasingly regarded as the most trusted experts to mitigate cyber threats, and we’re continuing to invest and recruit in order to meet demand. Our services are designed to meet the most demanding standards in the world for cyberattack detection, as well as the rapidly evolving requirements of our customers.”


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