BT goes live with wholesale optical spectrum access service

BT (NYSE: BT) Openreach has officially lit up its new Optical Spectrum Access (OSA) service for wholesale customers delivering optical services to UK business.


ADVA's new FSP 3000 platform

As part of Openreach's Optical Spectrum Service (OSS) portfolio, the new OSA service, as previously announced, is built on ADVA Optical Networking's (XETRA: ADV.DE) FSP 3000 platform, replacing the existing FSP 2000 platform it previously used for the service.

OSA allows wholesale customers to provide their enterprise business customers either a dedicated single or point-to-point fiber links throughout the U.K.

The focus of the OSA service is all about providing large amounts of bandwidth over longer distances. Leveraging similar low-latency technology that ADVA has deployed in a number of large financial trading networks, the service provides a number of interfaces and a route distance of up to 103 km.

Jon Hurry, managing director for Strategy, Commercial, Portfolio & Policy at Openreach, said the company has seen a lot of interest for the service since pre-launch in October.

"Since the pre-launch of this service we've collaborated with a range of communications providers, whose customers are expecting dramatically more from their networks," said Hurry.

In October, Openreach said it had 250 retail service provider customers in the UK signed up for the OSA service.

For more:
- see the release
- see ADVA's product video

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