BT hopes to attract more subscribers with 6 month free broadband bundle

BT (NYSE:BT) is trying to head off major cable competitors such as Virgin Media (Nasdaq:VMED) by offering new subscribers six months of free, 16 Mbps broadband bundled with unlimited evening and weekend wireline voice calling.

BT Home Hub router

BT's Home Hub router

Users who sign up for the promotional plan also get 10 GB of usage, unlimited WiFi usage at BT hotspots and a free Home Hub router. After the promotional period is over, participating subscribers will pay £13 ($21) a month.

Although the initial offering includes a free phone line connection, customers still have to cough up £10.75 ($17) a month for line rental.

The service provider is also offering an up to 76 Mbps BTInfinity service with unlimited usage bundled with free evening and weekend calling, security, and unlimited WiFi for £20 ($33) for three months. Once the promotional period is over customers will pay £26 ($42) a month.

While these promotional deals are sure to attract eligible customers that want a better bundle, they should be aware, as ISPreview reports, that they will be held to an 18 month contract if they stay on with the telco following the promotional period.

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