Call center workers face sales pressure

That telcos are eager to turn customer service calls into sales pitches should come as no surprise at this point--they have in fact been trying to get this down to a science for years. A story in the Tampa Tribune offers a glimpse inside the world of call center workers and the pressure they face to solve problems, keep calls short and sell customers on new products and services. For the call center worker, a sale could mean a bonus, but could it also get in the way of their mission to solve customer problems.

Like probably everyone else, I've had experiences with customer service representatives who have tried to sell me stuff, but only after they dealt with my problem or concern. Have you ever called customer service for a telco and felt the sales pitch came too quickly? Or, do you work for a telco who you feel gives that sales pitch a higher priority than solving a customer's problem? If so, post a comment and tell us your story.

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