Cbeyond expands service footprint with Actelis' EFM solution

Cbeyond (Nasdaq: CBEY) wants to provide its suite of managed services to any customer in its serving area regardless of location, and it believes that it can achieve that goal through an Ethernet over Copper (EoC) connection.

To get to this goal, CBeyond is deploying Actelis Networks' Ethernet in the first Mile (EFM) over copper solutions. The EFM technology will serve as a bandwidth platform to help them deliver their over 30 new applications, including managed services and cloud-based computing services.

Leveraging Actelis' ML600 Ethernet access devices (EADs) and ML2300 Ethernet aggregation switches, Cbeyond will have a high speed platform to deliver its suite of managed communication services with speeds up to 100Mbps per customer.

"CBeyond is definitely not the first customer of our as we have over 200 customers using us in large-scale deployments, but they are using our equipment to accelerate their network and accelerate their revenue opportunities with a quick ROI," said Eric Vallone, Vice President, Marketing, Actelis.

Vallone added that with the EFM product in place, CBeyond will also be able expand the reach of its services to a wider customer base.

What will allow CBeyond to deliver high speeds and greater reach over existing copper is the combination of Actelis' EFMplus and Dynamic Rate Boost (DRB) capabilities.

 "What we did was enabled the customer reach," he said. "Their business case would not be able to work if they couldn't reach all of their customers, and with our solution we were able to reach 2x than what our competitors were able to do."

Although the new service is EoC-based, Vallone said that CBeyond is "not going to be selling Ethernet over Copper, but they will be selling Ethernet and their services on top of that. They are not going to differentiate to their customers whether it's copper or fiber."

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