CenturyLink rolls out CDN Edge Compute for web applications

CenturyLink launches its CDN Edge Compute platform to help web developers create more dynamic web applications. (Pixabay)

Having good web applications is key to businesses being successful, on that note CenturyLink has launched a new content delivery network (CDN) platform for web developers.

CenturyLink CDN Edge Compute provides developers with a flexible, open module architecture to design, configure and deploy custom web application workloads at the edge. The CDN platform also helps businesses create more responsive and more secure personalized web application experiences for their end users.

"Businesses across all industries are looking to quickly create and deploy more rich web content which requires an agile IT infrastructure that fosters rapid innovation," said Bill Wohnoutka, vice president, global internet and content delivery services, CenturyLink, in a statement. "With CDN Edge Compute, businesses can use a global edge delivery footprint that allows for new web content and capabilities to be pushed to users quickly and easily, and that can scale to support mass audiences and high traffic events."

CenturyLink CDN Edge Compute is enabled by more than 60 points-of-presence (POP) in over 40 locations, and has the ability to virtualize the footprint into edge compute locations in both public and private IP networks. Having the CDN located at the network edge enables low latency for the web applications.

CenturyLink developed its new CDN edge compute platform by working with Section. Boulder-Colorado based Section uses both Docker and Kubernetes for its container-based platform.

CenturyLink CDN Edge Compute allows developers to choose software that best suits their innovation needs to create a completely customized edge environment. With the edge locations, web application firewalls (WAFs), bot management and application performance modules run within milliseconds of the end user, removing bandwidth constraints between end and origin servers. CenturyLink CDN Edge Compute also comes with tools that let developers move changes into production quickly while minimizing risk.

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CenturyLink CDN Edge Compute also includes:

• Improved application performance: Configurable dynamic and static content acceleration, including HTML streaming, virtual waiting room and image optimization.

• Flexible security: A choice of industry and open source security solutions for WAF, bot management and DDoS mitigation.

• A Dev/Ops native environment: CDN configuration, testing and deployment are enabled for use within native Dev/Ops workflow, simplifying the release process and deployment cycles.

• Custom workloads: Supports execution of customer applications running directly on the edge platform.

• Near real-time analytics: A data pipeline for key performance metrics and logs in a searchable interface for troubleshooting and tuning of edge modules.