China Mobile partners with Huawei for 10G PON 'dual gigabit city' demo

China Mobile is using Huawei's 10G PON platform to enable both wired and wireless gigabit speeds in Shanghai. (Pixabay)

China Mobile in Shanghai has tapped into Huawei's 10G PON technology to demonstrate a dual gigabit broadband service that features both wired and wireless gigabit broadband.

China Mobile has launched its "Dual-Gigabit First City" plan in Shanghai and released multiple gigabit broadband convergence packages in order to provide gigabit home broadband speeds and 5G services together.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) of China has proposed a "dual-gigabit acceleration, same speed for same network" plan to promote fixed broadband gigabit applications in order to keep pace with bandwidth consuming services such as online video gaming, virtual reality and 4K/8G video services in homes.

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In Shanghai, it's estimated that by the third quarter of this year, gigabit broadband will cover 5.6 million home users and 3,000 buildings, and gigabit broadband coverage will be available in all of the city's administrative districts, according to Huawei.

As part of its plan to build a dual-gigabit city, China Mobile is using Huawei's end-to-end 10G PON solution, which includes home gateways and its optical line transport MA5800 platform. At a central office site, Huawei's MAF800 platform is used to implement full-fiber access.

Huawei said that a single MA5800 can support up to 16,000 online 4K and virtual reality video subscribers. To help with the move from GPON to 10G PON, and protect the investment of operators, Huawei provides the "PON Combo solution," which supports two modes on one board.

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