China Unicom links into CENX's Ethernet exchange

China Unicom USA, a subsidiary of China Unicom, has found yet another expansion route for its Ethernet services by establishing a connection with carrier Ethernet exchange provider CENX.

CENXAlready serving customers in more than 100 countries, China Unicom USA's agreement with CENX complements the service provider's recent launch of its China Ethernet Connect services and its broader global expansion effort.

By establishing a connection at CENX's Los Angeles exchange, China Unicom USA will be able to establish new business links with its 100 country customer base, while serving as a platform to let other service providers buy its Ethernet services and purchase services it may need from other exchange members.  

Yitao Wu, President of China Unicom Americas, said that because CENX's exchange can integrate well with its new China Ethernet Connect services it will be able to more effectively expand its Ethernet presence not only in the U.S., but also in China and between China and Europe.

"We believe that the ability to buy and sell via CENX provides the simplest possible way for service providers to realize new business relationships with China Unicom and to ensure the delivery of high quality business-class service to end-users worldwide that utilizes our new China Ethernet Connect service," Wu said in a release.

Establishing a partnership with China Unicom USA also has significance for CENX, especially at a time when the Ethernet exchange concept is still arguably a new unchartered territory for every service provider. Similar to the relationship it began recently with China Telecom USA, gaining the membership of another large carrier like China Unicom USA gives CENX some near-term credibility for other service providers that are considering joining an Ethernet exchange.

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