Colt boots up on ramp to Google Cloud for on-demand enterprise services

Colt is teaming up with Google Cloud to provide enterprises with on-demand bandwidth. (Getty Images)

Colt Technology Services is teeing up direct on-demand connections for enterprises globally on Google Cloud Platform.

Using Colt's Dedicated Cloud Access offering, which runs across the Colt IQ Network, customers can connect from enterprise buildings or data centers directly to their Google Cloud instances with customer-dedicated bandwidth with low latency. Dedicated Cloud Access is also in use by other Colt cloud partners, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and IBM Cloud.

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The Google Cloud service will work in tandem with Colt's On Demand platform, which was further deployed across the U.S., Hong Kong, Portugal, and Austria in May. Colt customers can control their network usage by connecting to Google Cloud in real-time via Google's partner interconnect.

Using a self-service portal, Colt's On Demand bandwidth service allows customers to spin up additional bandwidth as needed in near real-time. It also enables those customers to bypass legacy service delivery processes that have slower lead times.

The Colt IQ Network connects more than 900 data centers across Europe, Asia and North America, with over 27,500 on net buildings.

“Facilitating organizations migration and utilization of the cloud has been a significant priority for Colt over the past few years," said Colt's Peter Coppens, vice president product portfolio, in a prepared statement. "This extension of our proposition to allow organizations to connect not only directly to Google Cloud, but also have the connectivity delivered in real-time, ensures Colt can tangibly drive enterprises digital transformations.

“By partnering with Google Cloud to provide direct, on-demand connectivity to its cloud environment, customers get access to a cloud networking experience that helps drive cost efficiencies and increases bandwidth throughput. By being the backbone of such connections, we know that Colt continues to be a key partner in driving organizations forward.”

The Google Cloud on ramp from Colt is available to enterprises across Europe, Asia and the U.S.