Colt launches cloud-based Microsoft portfolio of services

Colt Technology Services adds Microsoft Office365 to its Intelligent Communications suite. (Pixabay)

Colt Technology Services announced on Thursday that it's blending its voice and data networks with Microsoft's suite of products for enterprise customers.

Colt is delivering business applications by Microsoft Office 365's cloud-based platform across the 13 European countries it serves. Colt's Intelligent Communications platform includes a customizable combination of Colt's SIP trunking services, premium internet or cloud access and Office 365 offerings such as Teams and Skype for Business. 

The applications are delivered on Office 365's cloud-based platform to give end users a familiar desktop experience. While employees have familiar Microsoft environments to collaborate on, organizations can lower their administration costs while tapping into desktop, voice, connectivity and professional services from Colt.

Colt's customers can also customize the platform by picking only the components they plan to use. Intelligent Communications also includes end-to-end support from Colt.

Colt teamed up with Ingram Micro and its CloudBlue division to provision the service. With CloudBlue, Colt can use its commerce platform to align its support, delivery and provisioning standards for all its customers regardless of their physical location or business vertical.

Colt is a connectivity partner to Microsoft Azure's Express Route service, which provides high-quality access to the cloud. Intelligent Connections provisions its telephony service on Direct Routing with Microsoft Teams.

In addition to connecting to Microsoft's cloud, the Colt IQ Network connects to more than 850 data centers across Europe, Asia and North America as well as fiber connections to more than 27,500 buildings.

“The way business is done has dramatically changed. Colt’s extended partnership with Microsoft ensures our customers have everything they need at their disposal to power their digital transformations and next wave of business growth,” said Rajiv Datta, chief operating officer at Colt, in a prepared statement. “This extended partnership with Microsoft further fuels businesses ability to collaborate and innovate—a mission that has long been at Colt’s core.”

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In June, Colt launched its U.S. network in 13 cities across 30 data centers. Colt plans to offer its on-demand bandwidth service, which lets customers dial up their bandwidth as needed, in the U.S. at some point this year. Among other big projects in 2019, Colt is planning to roll out its universal customer premise service offering in the first quarter.