Comcast's cyber commando customer service team

Comcast customers complaining through non-traditional means (i.e. blogging) are being heard by a seven person "cyberteam" scouring the web for public complaints about company service.

While Comcast still ranks near the bottom of customer satisfaction surveys, the guerilla support effort is starting to sooth the savage postings of publicly disgruntled customers. The web team checks blogs, tech web sites, Twitter and other social networking sites, consumer sites and YouTube - yes, even video postings. 

Comcast reps track down customers by matching clues in postings to the company's internal database of customer phone numbers and email. If they can't directly track down a person, they may post a note directly in a blog.

It's a tough job. The team only reaches 10 percent of customers who complain online, but has influenced at least one high-profile griper. Bob Garfield has handed off his site to another group, and the focus will expand to complaints about a broader range of companies.

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