CWA/IBEW flyer on DC streets: 'Your Verizon Service May be Affected'

CWA/IBWA "Verizon Service" flyerTurning up the heat on Verizon, union members handed out CWA/IBEW-prepared fliers warning "Your Verizon Service May be Affected. **Customer Service Alert**" on the streets of downtown Washington D.C. Wednesday around 12:30 ET. The fliers warned customers their service may be interrupted if Verizon management does not reach an amenable compromise on a proposed increase in the cost of employee health benefits.

Customers are asked to contact Verizon CEO Ivan Seidelberg's office to urge him to "agree to a fair contract."  The flier says Verizon's top five executives made $82 million and the company posted profits of $5.5 billion last year, making the company's position that present employee health coverage has become too expensive untenable. 

The flier advised customers a potential strike would continue until a fair contract is agreed upon.

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- See the full-size image of the CWA/IBEW flier