Cyber attacks on the federal government up 39% in 2010

Despite their need to be secure, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) revealed that the federal government is not immune to cyber attacks.

In its new report, the OMB revealed that cyber incidents were up 39 percent to 41,776 in the fiscal year 2010 that ended on Sept. 30.

One of the main security culprits was phishing, which represented over half of the 107,439 cyber incidents compiled by the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team for FY2010 from federal, state and local governments, commercial enterprises, American citizens and foreign CERT teams.

"Malicious code through multiple means (e.g., phishing, virus, logic bomb) continues to be the most widely used attack approach," the report said.

Government Cyber Security Threats

Incident No. of incidents % of incidents
Phishing 56,579 52.7%
Virus/Trojan/Worm/ Logic Bomb 11,001 10.2%
Malicious website 7,971 7.4%
Non-cyber 7,741 7.2%
Policy violation 6,888 6.4%
Equipment theft/ loss 5,395 5%
Suspicious network activity 3,121 2.9%
Attempted access 2,712 2.5%
Social engineering 1,571 1.5%
Breakdown of the 107,439 incidents reported to U.S.-CERT in FY2010.

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