DT won't be obligated to share VDSL fiber pipes

Deutsche Telekom's ongoing fight with competitors over access to its VDSL network took a new turn as Germany's highest court, the Bundesverwaltungsgericht, ruled that the incumbent operator does not have to give competitive carriers access to the dark fiber on its VDSL network. Competitors, however, will still be able to get access to the street cabinets and conduits as mandated by German telecom regulator Federal Network Agency (FNA) in December.

The FNA issued its ruling in December on what DT would be required to provide to competitors after the European Court of Justice ruled that the agency would have to end the regulatory holiday' on its fiber network infrastructure.

Competitors have continued to clash with German incumbent over access to its VDSL network. Among those competitors are Vodafone Germany, which launched a pilot VDSL deployment last July, and German competitive associations VATM and Breko over access to DT's VDSL network.  

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