FairPoint transfer stumbles over email accounts

The transfer of northern New England Verizon customers to FairPoint communications has hit at least one stumbling block: email.  Customers with Verizon email accounts were supposed to be switched over to FairPoint email addresses starting on Saturday, but when the switch was made, many customers couldn't set up new accounts

FairPoint called in extra workers to its customer service center on Monday to handle the high call volume. By Monday afternoon, the call volumes had diminished. A FairPoint spokesperson didn't know how many customers had lost email service, but "thousands" of people called for help. There are around 285,000 customers in three states that will need new addresses (And we hope they'll just Gmail it in...)

FairPoint has had other problems crop up during the transition. The Associated Press reports several 911 glitches have occurred. The network switchover has also been postponed twice due to technical and training concerns.

Aside from the email, everything else appears to be going smoothly, says FairPoint.  

For more:
- AP via Yahoo reports the email transfer headache. Post.

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