FastWeb, Wind and Vodafone Italy abandon open access fiber alliance

The Italian competitive telco trio's--FastWeb, Wind and Vodafone Italy--decision to abandon their open access Fiber to the Home proposal with Italy's Next Generation Network (NGN) is another case of an incumbent carrier not playing nice with competitors.    

Although the open access FTTH network would have included Telecom Italia, the three service providers said in a joint statement that the NGN committee favored the incumbent's proposal. But the fight isn't over as the trio will present their case at an upcoming meeting with Italian telecom regulator Agcom.

At issue are two open access FTTH proposals. In May, FastWeb, Wind and Vodafone Italy developed a $3.2 billion FTTH plan that would reach 15 of Italy's largest cities over the next five years. Telecom Italia simultaneously put forth its own $8.93 billion last mile proposal to bring 100 Mbps FTTH access to 50 percent of Italy's residents and businesses by 2018.   

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