Fatbeam establishes presence in OneNeck's Bend, Oregon, data center

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Regional fiber provider Fatbeam is connecting its facilities into OneNeck’s Tier III data center facility in Bend, Oregon, giving its customers access to an array of disaster recovery, data backup and colocation solutions.

As part of the agreement, Fatbeam will be able to connect its business clients to the data center.

At the OneNeck facility, Fatbeam will offer a range of Ethernet speeds that range from 1 Gbps to 400 Gbps. The service provider will also provide jumps to dark fiber.

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Fatbeam said that OneNeck’s Bend location offered it and its business customers a number of benefits. Besides being a Tier III data center, OneNeck was already serving as a disaster recovery site and is ready to become a primary or secondary data site for Fatbeam’s customers.

“By gaining carrier access into OneNeck’s data center in Bend, it allows us to easily connect our clients to the data center,” said Bob Garner, VP of operations at Fatbeam, in a release. “It’s a win-win because OneNeck’s facility has an established reputation and is already utilized by a number of organizations in the Bend, Oregon, market, which was critically important to us in choosing a partner.”

What also makes OneNeck’s data center a good site for Fatbeam’s customers is that it is energy efficient. The site is LEED Gold certified, which means it was designed and built to be as energy efficient as possible. The facility is equipped with a rooftop solar array, passive free-cooling system and a flywheel-based Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) to help conserve energy.

Being able to provide connections into key data centers is becoming a checklist item for fiber infrastructure providers that are trying to enhance their relationships with business customers that need additional backup and disaster recovery capabilities. These sites can also serve as an interconnection point for business customers to connect to other carriers and remote locations.

At the same time, OneNeck could also leverage Fatbeam's fiber to connect its clients to other locations and get access to the fiber provider's services.