FCC ruling on Comcast throttling; Moto rallies in Q2; Qwest's Chuck Ward gets a big assignment;

> The Federal Communications Commission will likely vote today to reprimand cable giant Comcast Corp. for slowing some Internet traffic, despite last-minute protests from Bush administration officials and the top House Republican. Report

> Thus shares investors' discontent over C&W offer. Report

> Under threat of a lawsuit from the State on New York, Little Rock, Ark.-based Windstream has taken steps to purge its servers of child porn Web sites. Report

> A nine-judge panel of 10th Circuit Court of Appeals on Sept. 24 will re-hear the appeal of former Qwest CEO Joseph Nacchio on whether Nacchio's conviction on 19 felonies related to insider trading should stand. Report

> Motorola surprises Wall Street with profit. Report

> Qwest's Chuck Ward spearheads telecom operations for the Democratic National Convention. Report

> FCC approves Verizon, Rural Cellular merger. Report