FCC: STB innovations could enhance broadband adoption

The FCC believes that the set top box (STB) that resides on the top of your TV set could be yet another medium to increase broadband access. Last Thursday, the FCC put another request for information out on how STBs could be used to access Internet-based video.

And the FCC could be on to something. It's a known fact that while 76 percent of homes have a computer, 99 percent have a TV set. However, most STBs don't have Internet capabilities. To resolve the disconnect between the TV and the Internet, the FCC believes the video industry should develop an STB that can deliver content from not only from traditional programmers but also the Internet.   

"The convergence of the television and content delivered by IP makes this a critical time to promote innovation in set-top devices that could support the Commission's effort to drive broadband adoption and utilization," the FCC said in a statement.

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