FCC wants information on the PSTN's all-IP migration

Although the PSTN is likely to be around for years and decades to come, the FCC wants to get a better understanding of how service providers are making the switch to an all IP-based voice network. It's asking for the industry's comments and feedback on that transition.

The FCC said it will leverage those comments to create an official Notice of Inquiry (NOI) and then develop it into government policy under the Broadband Stimulus bill.

"In the spirit of understanding the scope and breadth of the policy issues associated with this transition, we seek public comment to identify the relevant policy questions that an NOI on this topic should raise in order to assist the Commission in considering how best to monitor and plan for this transition," the FCC said in its request. "In identifying the appropriate areas of inquiry, we seek to understand which policies and regulatory structures may facilitate, and which may hinder, the efficient migration to an all IP world."

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