France's broadband subscribership rose in Q3

Demand for broadband in France continues to be in high demand, with about 360,000 new subscribers signing up for traditional DSL, Fiber to the Home (FTTH) and HFC.

In the most recent period ended in Sept. 30, France's telecom regulator Arcep reported that the country had what it defines as 20.8 million "high speed" and "ultra-high speed" Internet subscribers over Q2 2010.

Since 2009, France's broadband subscriber base grew about 8 percent, to about 1.6 million connections. Included in this total number were 19.47 million new ADSL subscribers, 960,000 for other technologies and 420,000 ultra-high speed broadband (50 Mbps/5 Mpbs) subscribers. During the period, 55,000 new subscribers signed up for ultra-high speed service over the previous quarter.

Trailing DSL and FTTH was HFC, which only rose 45,000 quarter-on-quarter.

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