Frontier, CWA extend West Virginia, Ashburn, Virginia, contract until 2018

While a final decision won’t be made until February, the ultimate decision of the court will carry the potential to alter how employers draft and enforce employment agreements.
The current contract, which covers 1,600 CWA members, was originally set to expire on Nov. 4.

Frontier workers represented by the Communications Workers of America (CWA) union in West Virginia and Ashburn, Virginia, have extended their current contract covering until March 3, 2018, as the union and employees work out differences on terms.

The current contract, which covers 1,600 CWA members, was originally set to expire on Nov. 4.

CWA said in a blog post that "negotiations are continuing, and members are mobilizing to show their solidarity and commitment to gaining a fair contract and keeping good jobs in our communities."

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Like other agreements the CWA has worked on with Frontier, union workers have cited employment security and keeping good jobs in hometown communities as their key priorities. Prior to completing its acquisition of Verizon’s assets in Texas, California and Florida, Frontier reached a key labor agreement with the CWA District 6, covering workers in Texas and Missouri in 2015.

Bargaining committee members are Ken William, president of Local 2001; Rick McKinney, president of Local 2007; Shannon Fink, president of Local 2009, and CWA staffers Linda Miller, Elaine Harris, and Letha Perry, chair of the committee.

Earlier this year, Frontier and the CWA Frontier Communications union workers represented by the CWA voted to approve their CT and CCI bargaining unit agreements. The new agreements will expire on Nov. 30, 2020.

Meanwhile, Frontier workers in New Holland, Pennsylvania, are now represented by the CWA. Bargaining on their first contract will begin soon.