Frontier introduces Frontier Financial Solutions to support business technology upgrades

Frontier (NYSE: FTR) sees its business clientele as its most important customer so it's going to lend them a financial helping hand by creating its new unit Frontier Financial Solutions through a partnership with TAMCO (Telecommunications Asset Management Company).

Playing into the idea that businesses need to continually upgrade their communications infrastructure to stay competitive in their respective vertical segment, the Frontier Financial Solutions program enables businesses to either acquire or incrementally upgrade voice, data and video communications without having to strain their current cash or credit resources.

Melinda White, EVP of Marketing and New Business Operations at Frontier said that the new offering comes at a time when access to capital continues to be challenging for most businesses. "We know firsthand that the scalability and efficiency to adapt and grow in dynamic environments are musts for businesses," she said. "In addition to providing customized portfolios of voice, data and video solutions, we now offer financial options that will let them upgrade their technology."

A key piece of Frontier Financial Solutions' offering is the Frontier Shield product, which the ILEC says allows business customers "to upgrade technology at any time during their contract term, without financial penalty."

Since every businesses' communications needs are constantly changing, Frontier Financial Solutions will offer them a "System Replacement Guarantee" that will allow them to upgrade their technology platforms on their own timeline without penalty during their contract term.

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