Frontier-Verizon integration is on track, says Frontier

Frontier's (NYSE: FTR) conversion of the lines it acquired from Verizon (NYSE: VZ), a process that will pose the typical integration challenges of any large acquisition of this size, appears to be on track.

While the conversion did suffer some setbacks with its wholesale customers in Frontier's West Virginia market--a factor largely attributable to Verizon ignoring the state's network infrastructure in favor of more profitable markets--Oregon's conversion had gone smoothly.

Frontier said in a company statement that not only is the transition of the Verizon lines onto its own systems is going according to plan, but that it's "also actively and methodically addressing the backlog of orders inherited from Verizon before the closing and orders that accumulated as with any system conversion." In addition, Frontier had sent out its set of Frontier-branded bills to ex-Verizon customers now on the Frontier network.

Maggie Wilderotter, Chairman and CEO of Frontier said the service provider is eager to get the conversion process behind them so they can focus "100 percent on expanding broadband" especially in its West Va. market, "which currently ranks 47th in the nation for broadband availability." Despite the glitches it had to deal with, Frontier is making some progress with its promise in West Va. by committing $310 million to improve the state's PSTN quality and expand broadband availability.

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