Google to begin laying fiber in Kansas City

Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) appears to be back on track with its plans to build out its long-awaited Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) network in Kansas City, Kan.

Kevin Lo, General Manager for Google Access, wrote in a blog post that it has completed the necessary planning involved to string its fiber cables on the city's utility poles.  

"We've measured utility poles; we've studied maps and surveyed neighborhoods; we've come up with a comprehensive set of detailed engineering plans; and we've eaten way too much barbecue. Now, starting today, we're ready to lay fiber," he wrote.

Other than revealing it would begin work on the network backbone, it did not provide any details as to what specific parts of the city would be able to access the service.

"At first, we'll focus on building this solid fiber backbone," Lo wrote. "Then, as soon as we have an infrastructure that is up and running, we'll be able to connect Google Fiber into homes across Kansas City!"

The announcement that its plans are going to move forward follow a dispute with Kansas City Board of Public Utilities, the owner of the utility poles, over where exactly it would place its fiber cables along existing utility and telecom rights of way (ROW).

Previously, the city and the search giant had developed an agreement that would let Google run its cables in the space near the area set for electric lines for free. However, that move would have required them to pay for specialist technicians that know how to work safely near power lines.

Now, according to an unnamed source cited by the Kansas City Star, Google will place its cables in the space traditionally reserved for traditional telcos and cable operators.

With this new plan in place, the Internet giant believes it's on track to start delivering service in various neighborhoods by the first half of this year.

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