Google will bring Web TV service to the UK next year

Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) plans to conquer the European online video market beginning next year by bringing its Google TV product to the UK.

Logitech Revue

Logitech's Revue is specifically made to access Google TV.

Although Google will fund broadcasting content, company chairman Eric Schmidt, speaking at the Edinburgh International Television Festival, said it has no intention of producing any of its own content for Google TV.

Users can access Google TV via an Internet-enabled TV or a special set top box called Revue made by Logitech.

Although some circles have accused Google of wanting to provide free content to any user, Schmidt said that they are being "agnostic when it comes to whether free or paid content models are best."

Of course, Google faces a number of challenges in trying to crack the UK market.

Not only has Google's TV service seen a lackluster response by U.S.-based users, who said the service has a dearth of content and an unfriendly interface design, but the UK market has been slow to embrace IPTV. What's more, Google will be going up against competitors such as YouView, another broadband video service that will go also live in 2012.

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