GTA TeleGuam, government spar over IT&E's broadband stimulus applications

New controversy has emerged over Philippines-based IT&E's application for $89 million in second round broadband funding and Guam's incumbent service provider GTA TeleGuam.

After GTA TeleGuam protested the recent $8 million broadband funding grant IT&E received, a report suggested that Guam's Governor Felix Camacho lobbied the U.S. Commerce Department for IT&E's recently awarded $8 million broadband grant. However, Camacho's spokesperson said that the government wrote a letter actually in support of IT&E's second $89 million broadband grant application.

What was controversial about's report is that they argued that Camacho wrote a letter in support of IT&E's application to the Commerce Department because his brother works for the company. However, he wrote the letter because IT&E asked him to write it on their behalf.   

In a press conference late Monday afternoon, Camacho called for the resignations of both GTA TeleGuam's CEO Dan Moffat, and Daniel J. Tydingco, executive vice president of external affairs.

Moffat responded that his company's reaction to the funding award and the impending second round application were based on the argument that broadband stimulus funds should go to areas that are actually "underserved" or "unserved."

"At no time did GTA TeleGuam level personal attacks or threats against the Governor or his brother," he said in a statement. "If Gov. Camacho interpreted our reaction as a personal attack, I personally apologize to him and his family."

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