Home Gateway Initiative adds major Asian players to its roster

The Home Gateway Initiative's membership just got an Asian boost as major technology vendors--Sumitomo Electric, Hitachi, Shenzhen GongJin and Ralink--joined the group.

Each of these new Asian members develop key pieces of the home pieces of the home network, including home gateways, software infrastructure and applications, and home network devices that connect consumers to services.

Sumitomo Electric, for one, cites joining the HGI as part of the company's active plans for the future in the home networking field.

"HGI's presence is growing and becoming more important in Asia and I believe Sumitomo can contribute to this by sharing our experience and technology," said Minoru Kuramoto, General Manager of the Network Systems Department at Sumitomo Electric.

With many Asian countries such as China and Korea dominating the broadband market, the support of the Asian vendors will likely help HGI formulate its growing base of home networking requirements that the entire telecom and home networking industries can use to better serve their customers.

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