Huawei Cloud supports Hong Kong with AI and blockchain

Huawei advances its Huawei Cloud in Hong Kong. (Huawei)

Huawei has big ambitions for its Huawei Cloud, aiming to compete against other cloud heavyweights such as Amazon Web Services. Currently, Huawei Cloud is upgrading its presence in Hong Kong with blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) services.

Edward Deng, the president of Huawei Cloud Global Market, made some announcements on Tuesday at the Huawei Cloud Summit 2019 in Hong Kong. Deng said that Huawei Cloud is now offering blockchain services to help Hong Kong leverage blockchain’s characteristics of decentralization, irreversibility and traceability to solidify the city's position as an international financial and logistics hub.

In addition, Huawei Cloud’s enterprise intelligence full-stack AI, which features 48 services, will become available at the end of this month. Services include the AI developer platform ModelArts, optical character recognition, natural language processing and video analysis. The company says that its AI platform has completed more than 200 projects.

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The company also launched the AI Partners Club at the summit. The initial 10 members specialize in deep learning, voice recognition, data analytics and visual and voice data labelling. They are not named in the release, which says that they are in the healthcare, retail, campus, education and financial tech industries.

Huawei Cloud's footprint has been expanded, and the company claims it is the first provider to offer three availability zones in Hong Kong. The platform has obtained 41 global certifications and established a three-dimensional security system covering six major areas. According to Huawei, 221 of the Fortune 500 companies have worked with the Huawei Cloud on projects such as smart cities, smart factories, smart transportation and smart urban parking.

Finally, the Huawei Enterprise Overseas Application Store will open in April. It will feature more than 40 independent software vendors who will offer 250 solutions in more than 16 categories.

“Our vision is to join hands with our Hong Kong customers, industry partners and academic associations to build a smart future for this vibrant city, as well as to drive technology innovation and business development throughout the Greater Bay Area,” Huawei Cloud CTO Zhang Yuxin said in a prepared statement.