Hundt: Make broadband policy top priority

Telephony caught up with former Federal Communications Chairman and would-be wireless network entrepreneur Reed Hundt at the OFC/NFOEC event in San Diego. The exclusive interview that resulted is a tough analysis of broadband policy, universal service fund reform, the ongoing peer-to-peer traffic-shaping controversy and the uncertainty surrounding the final days of the 700 Mhz spectrum auction.

It seems that to Hundt an open-access broadband policy can solve a lot of problems, and that an industry commitment to 100 mbps access and clarity about the pricing and performance users can expect would mitigate the P2P controversy. The creation of an open, universally available broadband network also would make the universal service fund debate moot.

But, the real nugget of the interview comes at the end, where Hundt wonders why President Bush doesn't give telcos accused of wiretapping the Scooter Libby treatment.

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