Infonetics: Service providers want multi-service flexibility in their home gateways

Regardless of the region, the home gateway is becoming a key component service providers (cable and telcos) are using to drive residential broadband revenue growth through triple and quad play service packages (broadband data, IP voice and video).

Infonetics Research confirms the growth of the home gateway in its Residential Gateway Deployment Strategies: Global Service Provider Survey, which polled incumbent and competitive providers in North America, EMEA and CALA.

Jeff Heynen, directing analyst for broadband access at Infonetics Research, said that the common theme amongst service providers is that they "want to deploy residential gateways that are powerful and flexible and have multiple options for advanced interfaces, both wired and wireless."

Heynen added that these gateways also "need to support a growing list of features to ensure the quality and security of the content being delivered in the home," including "remote access, IPv6, and IGMP figure prominently among our respondents--all of which signal a desire to deliver multicast video in the home."

Although service providers want multiple features, IPTV was the fastest-growing service they will deliver on their home gateways. Led by Comtrend and Cisco (Nasdaq: CSCO), service providers are also trying to differentiate their respective offerings with lower up-front installation costs by bundling their gateways mtulti-play services packages versus leasing them to subscribers.   

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