Kucinich opposes FairPoint/Verizon deal

It's the day of the Iowa caucuses, the first battle in what some are calling the most wide-open presidential race in decades, so as the tension mounts, we'll turn our attention to what one of the Democratic candidates is saying about...a telecom acquisition in New England.

Democratic presidential hopeful Dennis Kucinich (D.-Ohio) said in New Hampshire while on the campaign trail in advance of next week's primary there that he is opposed to FairPoint Communications' proposed $2.7 billion buyout of Verizon Communications properties in New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont. Furthermore, he called on the Federal Communications Commission to investigate the deal, and, if it's ultimately rejected, for Verizon to invest more in its northern New England infrastructure. We don't know if it will make a difference at the polls, or if Kucinich will keep the pressure on this deal when campaigning in, say, Florida later this month, but it's certainly what a lot of the locals wanted to hear.

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- The proposed deal was turned back in Vermont, and awaits consideration in Maine

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